About the Cottages

Named after the four founders of Boarmumps (and Meryl Streep) – you can read more about their history here – the five cottages provide a community within Boarmumps for each student.

Upon entering in their first year, each student will don the Shuffling Pants, who will provide a suggestion of which cottage they belong to. Students are always allowed to override the Pant’s suggestion and choose a cottage of their own.


Named for founder and activist Carla Crowslaw, this cottage is filled with natural leaders with the ability to make the tough decisions and inspire others. Some may see Crowslaws as a bit judgmental, but that’s because they can truly see the potential in everyone and if ruffling a few feathers means a more efficient team, so be it.

The current Crowslaw Cottage Warden is Travis Scott.


While others may sometimes see Gruffleduffs as the sad sacks of Boarmumps, sadness is just one of the many emotions they feel, making them naturally empathetic. While others may see Gruffleduffs as being too in their feelings, the ‘duffs see others and wonder why they seem to feel so little.

The cottage was founded by teacher Gregory Gruffleduff and the current Warden is Bella Goth.


Though they may have a hard time deciding between…well…anything, Iffynoors love considering all their options and are experts at weighing the pros and cons of each situation, though can live with regrets regardless of what they end up deciding.

It’s perhaps telling that founding Warden Isabelle Iffynoor was a moral philosopher who continually tussled with whether naming the cottage after herself was the right thing to do or not. The current Cottage Warden is Eliza Pancakes.


Lizerdens can clearly see success on their horizons and brim with the energy necessary to get themselves there. Able to think on their feet and decidedly masters of their own fate, Lizerdens want to win the game of life, even if it means dealing with naysayers who may find them a bit self-centered at times.

From the beginning, entrepreneur Leonard Lizerden felt like a bit of an outsider because of his business background, his considerable wealth, and his drive to create something for his own legacy, but his help was undeniable to the founding of the Academy. The current Cottage Warden is Nancy Landgraab.


Created by the Shuffling Pants 8 years after the initial founding of Boarmumps, Streepthroats are often proud of special status.

Creative and imaginative Streepthroats understand the world around them is full of art and wonder and immerse themselves as much as possible in the beauty they see. They are the secret heroes in the grand story of their lives, but can sometimes find sharing that story hard. Being close to others means letting someone else into that safe world, so Streepthroats often find themselves dancing alone.

The current Cottage Warden is Yuki Behr.

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