A Day at Boarmumps

A typical day at Boarmumps consists of a combination of classes, free/social time, and extra-curriculars. While each student’s schedule will be slightly different, this overview is meant to give a general feel for how a student might divide their time in a day.


Students take a variety of classes, from Basic Spelling to Advanced Conjugation. They will learn to use their pencil for spells like Ajapoofoo and Bark Blue, along with a study on the great Poopfoop disaster of 1984.

There are also a variety of elective classes to allow students to focus on the spell types they are most interested in: physical, mental, or emotional.

Social Time

Students are always free to grab a snack or hang out with their peers in the Grand Gallery, relax with their cottage-mates in their respective lounges, or explore the Boarmumps grounds which are filled with relaxing local flora and daring modern architecture.

We believe students learn best when given time to be themselves, so every school day is divided evenly between lessons and social time, with optional extra-curriculars provided in the afternoons after the school day has ended.


To best serve the athletic and cultural needs of Boarmumps students, students are encouraged after a day of classes to join either of our theatrical troupes – the more serious Boarmumps Players or the lighthearted comics in the ‘Mumps Chumps – or join their cottage’s coddgulley team in a quest for the annual Coddgulley Crown. Coddgulley games occcur every other Sunday with a full, roaring crowd of Boarmumps students cheering on their cottages.

Students are also welcome to begin their own clubs depending on interest. We find that over half of our students directly engage with one of the groups above and over 90% are in a student-run club.

Trips to Boarsglenn

Students are also taken on occasional chaperoned trips to the nearby village of Boarsglenn, where they can visit a variety of fun places, including:

  • The Boar’s Snout pub
  • Sugarbaron’s candy store
  • Lady Bobahand’s tea shop
  • Zappi’s variety store
  • The Yelling Hut, a historical building that’s said to be haunted!

All students are given a small stipend with each visit that they can use however they please.